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Hi, I'm Roba El-Gindy.

I’m an ICF-Certified Parenting Coach
& the Founder of Tribe.

I’m also the mother of an incredible girl.
Empowering you to become the parent you want to be is my absolute passion. Stemming from my belief that great parents are made not born, I aspire to help parents consciously learn, practice & develop their parenting skill.

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I wanna tell you that the character strengths assessments and the coaching sessions were very beneficial, they helped me to understand my son better, respect his needs and have a better relationship. Thank u so much.


بجد انتي بتتناولي مواقف حياتية مهمة جدا. تحياتي ليكي وأشكركم على كل استفادة استفدناها منك.


I love and appreciate your parenting advice! Thank you so much!! I listen to a lot of parenting advice and your approach resonates with me.


انتي مختلفة. حقيقي أسلوبك وكلامك وواقعيته ومصداقيته مختلفة جدا جدا عن أي حد... وأكبر دليل على كده وده شجعني جدا أسمعك هو اختيار الداعية مصطفى حسني ليكي... لما سمعتلك فيديو واحد اتأكدت من حسن اختياره


I love how you manage the sessions and all the content and tips you share.


I used every piece of advice you shared, my son and I are having a great relationship. Thank you so much! I owe you my life 🙂


Roba El-Gindy is teaching parenting skills that have drastically changed my relationship with my son. Check her series with Mostafa Hosny too.


Roba Begad bravo bravo on the tips of Salah. MSA amazing rabena yebareklel w yewf2ek dayman. I'm so happy to have someone like you for guidance. Gazaki Allah kul Kheir


Was just thinking today, finally a refreshing, meaningful and practical take on parenting 👏

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